Hi Chiliheads! Rest assured that we have not forgotten about the festival this year! The cook-off WILL NOT be held in conjunction with the Owasso Harvest Festival this year. There were some developments that happened in our "off-season" and because of them we have undergone some changes. We are currently looking for a non-profit to take help sponsor the event and be the beneficiary. We hope to have everything organized soon and are looking to move the date to this spring instead of the fall. If you are a member of a non-profit organization that would like to be a part of the cook-off and bring some funds into your organization, LET US KNOW! More to follow as we get details!

































Veteran's Day Salute

Owasso Harvest Festival Chili Cook-Off Chairman, ChiliJohn Fenrich, with his two grandsons, Jake, 7 and Alex, 12, promoted the 2013 Cook-Off at the Owasso Veterans Day Parade held Saturday, Nov. 10th. Young Jake is wearing his great grandfather’s uniform cap. His veteran great grandfather was in the legendary 8th Air Force in England during WWII.

2011 ICS Red Chili WinnerOKLAHOMA CHAMPION - Chili cook-off chairman ChiliJohn Fenrich awards longtime International Chili Society cook Clif Dugan, from Denison, TX, his 1st place plaque for winning the ICS red chili competition. Dugan will represent Oklahoma at the 2013 ICS World Championship Chili
Cook-Off in Palm Springs, CA.